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Online Courses

Online Courses are delivered in two ways through the campus. Some courses at Perth College UHI will be online courses. We also delover courses through the Open University YASS program.

Perth College UHI

Online courses are courses which your learning takes place by interacting with your tutors and turning up for lessons which are presented online. This means your work is still tracked and managed by a tutor but in an environment which is not the classroom.

The units delivered online by Perth College UHI this year are:

 AH Nature of Health , Computing Modules, Understanding the Social World and Early Eduation and Childcare (H)  

 Open UniversityYoung Applicants in Secondary Schools - YASS

YASS gives students in S6 the opportunity to study at  higher education level without leaving friends and family behind. Study fits around school work and social lives, encourages independent learning and builds confidence.

YASS is designed to bridge the gap between school and full-time university and help able and motivated students stand out from the crowd.

Courses begin mostly in October 2016 typically for 5 months.Registration opens in March. Registration documents need to be completed in school. See your Guidance teacher for more information.


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English for academic purposes online (L185)      Jun 16
Business and Management      
Professional communication skills for business studies (LB160)      
Introduction to bookkeeping and accounting (B190)      
An introduction to retail management and marketing (B122)       
Fundamentals of Accounting (B124)      
Engineering and technology      
Engineering:origins, methods, context (T192)
Technologies in practice (TM129) - Higher computing or equivalent required      
Health and Social Care      
Understanding the autism spectrum (SK124)      
Bon départ: beginners' French (L192)      
Rundblick: beginners' German (L193)      
Portales: beginners' Spanish (L194)      
Andante: beginners' Italian (L195)      
第一步 Dì yī bù : beginners' Chinese (L197)      
Ouverture: intermediate French (L120)      
Auftakt: get ahead in German (L130)      
En rumbo: intermediate Spanish (L140)      
Vivace: intermediate Italian (L150)      
Exploring languages and cultures (L161)      
An introduction to law in contemporary Scotland (W150)      
Discovering mathematics (MU123)      
Introducing statistics (M140)      
Essential mathematics 1 (MST 124)      
Topics in Science (S142)      
Maths for science (S151)      
Volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis (S186)      
Molecules, medicines and drugs: a chemical story (SK185)      
Understanding the frozen planet (S175)      
Living without oil: chemistry for a sustainable future (S176)      
Galaxies, stars and planets (S177)      
Social Sciences      
You and your money: personal finance in context (DB123)