Perth City Campus

Perth City Campus
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Why create a campus in the first place?

The aim of the Campus is to provide a wider range of opportunities in the senior phase and to ensure that resources are used effectively.

Who is involved?

Perth High School, Perth Grammar School, St John’s (RC) Academy and Perth Academy (all 4 Perth city schools) and Perth College are Campus partners.

Who are Campus courses open to?

Campus courses are open to S6 pupils who attend one of the City schools although pupils from other Perth and Kinross Council schools may join a course when appropriate. In exceptional circumstances courses can also be open to S5 pupils.

How do I know which courses are on offer?

Your course choice booklet contains information about Campus courses and your Guidance teacher can also talk to you about them.

How do I travel between schools?

A travel plan will be put in place for you and agreed with you and your parents. It will provide details of how you can travel between schools during the day and also how you can get to your host school first thing in the morning and back home again at the end of the school day, if you live out of town.

Do I pay my own fare?

No, individual travel plans will be created just for you that will be paid by Perth & Kinross Council

What do the terms ‘host and base school’ mean?

Host school is the school that you will travel to where the course is taught. Base school is your own school.

How will I know where to go when I arrive at the host school for the first time?

Your host school will know you are coming and will be expecting you. The first time that you visit you will be met and given a tour of the school. There will be an opportunity to ask any questions and to meet your teacher and classmates.

Things may appear a bit strange to start off with, but you will soon get to know your way around.

Who will I contact if I am going to be absent?

Just let your own school know. Office staff will let the host school know that you will not be in class.

What will I wear?

You should wear your normal school uniform.