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About Perth City Campus

The Perth City Campus(PCC) project provides our young people with more chances to reach their potential, through accessing a broad range of curriculum options and utilising 'virtual learning' opportunities.

In Perth and Kinross, the curriculum is composed of all the learning experiences and outcomes planned by schools to promote and facilitate learning.To support this, we are now providing access to a greater range of course opportunities for senior pupils from our four Perth secondary schools (Perth Academy, Perth Grammar, Perth High and St John's RC Academy), working closely with Perth College UHI through our exciting Perth City Campus (PCC) initiative.

The aims of the PCC is for the breadth of curriculum options to become more equitable across Perth City and to ensure as far as possible that lower demand subjects continue to be offered . PCC will also further develop co-operation and good relationships between young people across the city and enhance online 'virtual learning' opportunities in all schools. This includes this online course choice information that will encourage flexible course choices across school boundaries. The national Curriculum for Excellence is also committed to preparing our young people for the next stages in life, learning and work and this initiative encourages our young people to develop the independent learning and social skills necessary to move from the secure school based life to that of higher education and work.

The PCC will therefore provide our young people with more chances to reach their potential.This new initiative has been in place since June 2013 , significantly increasing choices for S6 students.

Communication has been ongoing since June 2012, aimed at making sure staff, students and parents are aware of the advantages and opportunities of the PCC, whilst also addressing the practicalities of joint timetabling and travel between schools.

Our Frequently Asked Questions  also provides more detailed information for parents and pupils.For further information, please contact the Depute Head Teacher Improvement at any of the Perth secondary schools below:

Perth Academy - Mr Ross

Perth Grammar- Mr Farrell

Perth High - Mr Murray

St John's RC Academy- Mrs Black

Perth College UHI - Mary Wright